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WSMIP Budokai Beta 02

After a rough year plagued with motivational problems and hard drive issues I’ve preferred to wait out before proceeding any further (I’ve made backups, no worry), I’ve finally updated that casual-oriented (brutal AI notwithstanding) fullgame I used to do with a fellow countryman almost a decade ago. The new version adds a new playable character (a guest character of that, even) as well as a proper mid-boss, and other characters have received some stuff as well. Get it at http://www.justnopoint.com/lbends/wsmip

KOF-ish Demitri released

I’ve been wanting to make a KOF styled character for ages, I just couldn’t figure out who. Then I got the motivation to make Demitri about a month or so ago. Be aware that he isn’t accurate in terms of hitboxes, velocities, etc. Get it at http://mugenguild.com/forum/msg.2463179