WSMIP Budokai Beta 02

After a rough year plagued with motivational problems and hard drive issues I’ve preferred to wait out before proceeding any further (I’ve made backups, no worry), I’ve finally updated that casual-oriented (brutal AI notwithstanding) fullgame I used to do with a fellow countryman almost a decade ago. The new version adds a new playable character (a guest character of that, even) as well as a proper mid-boss, and other characters have received some stuff as well. Get it at

KOF-ish Demitri released

I’ve been wanting to make a KOF styled character for ages, I just couldn’t figure out who. Then I got the motivation to make Demitri about a month or so ago. Be aware that he isn’t accurate in terms of hitboxes, velocities, etc. Get it at

Rumble Fish 2 Mr. Karate Released

It dawned on me that I released no stand alone content at all this year and that is just not ok with me. So I decided to embark on a challenge to see if it was possible for me to make something from a game rarely done as accurately as possible. The answer? Yes…well about 95% so. There are some liberties to make things less unfair as the game gives you options that mugen normally does not. That game was Rumble Fish 2, one of my favorite fighting games that you should absolutely check out if your computer was made in the last 9 years. A very simple yet extremely
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Dark protoman.exe beta

A edit of protoman exe based on anime dark protoman.exe on rockman exe axess Get it at