Month: April 2019

Frank West updated (4/17/19)

changelog: -Vans reflect code updated -command buffer updated -AI update -combos more consistent -roll now no longer completely invul after 14f. meaning he can be thrown after -counter throw added It’s been a long time since I updated him eh? Well he should feel a lot better to play with and the AI is a lot more free form and shouldn’t drop much of anything anymore. So I nerfed his roll a bit so that he can be punished better. Makes it less of a get out of jail free card. he loses throw invul after a few frames but keeps the rest of it meaning he can be grabbed
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Sonic Fighting Remix: Unlimited Match by Neo_Fire_Sonic Demo update 3 released

About time I finally released some more content, I had been meaning to share this for a while now, life gets in the way for me doing things in general. At the moment, since as you can see “Demo” is in the title, the full game itself is still not yet done (2 Characters left!). One of these days after I stop neglecting my full game(s) I’ll finish these… Anyways this is Demo…. 3? maybe we should call it demo 2.5, it mostly just fixes many of the problems from the second build, however some characters received many updates, and now, all characters in the game have AI. Get it
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Urban Skybridge by Kamekaze released

So this stage is getting a complete redo but I wanted to share this in it’s current form before we do. it’s very much a complete stage and comes with looped music but we’re going another direction with it. I hope you all enjoy this unused asset from TMNTxJL! Get it at