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Characters converted from other sources (other games, movies, TV, etc.)

Rumble Fish 2 Mr. Karate Released

It dawned on me that I released no stand alone content at all this year and that is just not ok with me. So I decided to embark on a challenge to see if it was possible for me to make something from a game rarely done as accurately as possible. The answer? Yes…well about 95% so. There are some liberties to make things less unfair as the game gives you options that mugen normally does not. That game was Rumble Fish 2, one of my favorite fighting games that you should absolutely check out if your computer was made in the last 9 years. A very simple yet extremely
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Sonic Fighting Remix: Unlimited Match by Neo_Fire_Sonic Demo update 3 released

About time I finally released some more content, I had been meaning to share this for a while now, life gets in the way for me doing things in general. At the moment, since as you can see “Demo” is in the title, the full game itself is still not yet done (2 Characters left!). One of these days after I stop neglecting my full game(s) I’ll finish these… Anyways this is Demo…. 3? maybe we should call it demo 2.5, it mostly just fixes many of the problems from the second build, however some characters received many updates, and now, all characters in the game have AI. Get it
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Dopefish by The_None released

Yes, handful of you may recall when I’ve released this character many years ago, back when our site still used to be on under construction phase. And ever since Logical Bends left the phase I’ve strangely didn’t end up making Tom Hall’s legendary stupid fish available again, until just now. In the meantime I gave him a little bit of update, quite less compared to what I hoped to do with the character given real work on the update didn’t begun until yesterday, but considering the past month was so rough I had a hard time mustering myself to do a new character for this day altogether (sorry about that.
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