Rumble Fish 2 Mr. Karate Released

It dawned on me that I released no stand alone content at all this year and that is just not ok with me. So I decided to embark on a challenge to see if it was possible for me to make something from a game rarely done as accurately as possible. The answer? Yes…well about 95% so. There are some liberties to make things less unfair as the game gives you options that mugen normally does not. That game was Rumble Fish 2, one of my favorite fighting games that you should absolutely check out if your computer was made in the last 9 years. A very simple yet extremely deep game that is very easy to pick up and play. I learned it in about 15 minutes several years ago and by the end of that night I was going back and forth with some killers at the cab.

Last but absolutely not least, thanks to the RF2 discord had access to incredibly accurate material that I was able to mirror the system with.

So if you’re confused at what you’re doing with this character you can actually use the guide for the game for him as he is practically 1:1 with the game! It can be found here

Get it at

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